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                                 I hope everyone is enjoying the 4th of july, here in indiana it sure is a hot one 90 degrees that’s hot. Been wondering what to post about today and that is why i am going to write about the njoy electric cigarette. How many of you all got smart and got you one? I know i really am not sorry for getting myself one. It has really help me cut down alot, i just put it in my hand and when i want i will take a puff, so that way i am getting my nicotin but not those nasty toxins that is in the traditional cigarette.

                               I have really been hurting with money problems but i really save quite of bit on money on the njoy electric cigarette. If you are in the same place as i am with your money, than this could really help you also. I still can not get over the price of cigarettes. If this can save you cartons of cigarettes a month than than this pays for it self. So this post could be your answer cause quitting is so hard to do. (good luck and God bless you).

The habit of smoking with the njoy electric cigarette.

posted by Clean-Smoker
May 24, 2010

                        Everyone knows the habit of smoking the regular cigarette. Well with the njoy electric cigarette you can still smoke, still feel like your smoking the real thing. But your not, with the njoy your not really doing your body as much harm. Your getting your nicotin without the thousands of toxins that is very harmful to your health.

                       So if your looking to cut down, and you like to visit loves one, you can still puff away, without harming anyone. And you also won’t gain the weight, that you would by going cold turkey. So try the njoy electric cigarette and still be happy. In some cases people have been able to just smoke the njoy cigarette.

It’s time to have fun with the njoy cigarette.

posted by Clean-Smoker
May 9, 2010

               My daughter inlaw was telling me that her dad was able to spend hours over at her place, because of the njoy cigarette. He usally only stay 10 to 15 minutes, but after he got himself the njoy he can smoke on it. And he was able to play games with her, because he did not feel like he had to leave to smoke. He also use his when he is on his way to work, which that is the time he change smoke.

                   Well hearing all that makes me happy because he order off of me. He really enjoy being able to smoke where he couldn’t smoke before. He also knows the njoy will give him his nicotin and not all the nasty smell, and toxins. And the njoy electric cigarette is cheaper to smoke.                                   Happy mother day to all the mothers out there.

Its time to enjoy the njoy electric cigarette.

posted by Clean-Smoker
May 3, 2010

              Are you one who enjoy smoking,but tired of everyone on your back. Well i know i am everyone is quitting and i don’t want to. Well with the njoy electric cigarette we can smoke without hurting anyone. Yes your not going to put carbon monixide in the air, your not going to worry about second hand smoke or,worry about where you can smoke.

                     I just take it from my purse and smoke, i really enjoy having the njoy electric cigarette. No worries its legal to puff away, where and when i want. So now its time to feel free and smoke again with the njoy electric cigarette. Now its up to you.What will you do?

The new way to smoke, with the njoy electric cigarette.

posted by Clean-Smoker
April 24, 2010

                         The new way to enjoy smoking with the njoy electric cigarette. I see so many people standing outside to smoke, so they have a traditional cigarette, so they don’t smell there smoke inside the house.  Or being somewhere that they bans smoking. Well now we don’t have that to worry about anymore.

                             We can smoke where ever we want because, the njoy electric cigarette is legal. You get the nicotin that you crave , but not all the thousands of toxins. It is so much safer for your health. Plus it doesn’t smell your clothes up or turn your teeth yellow. Don’t you think that this would be  your answer to enjoy smoking once again,you won’t be sorry.

Experience the NJOY

posted by Clean-Smoker
April 21, 2010

Chances are you’ve seen someone using an NJOY electronic cigarette at some point. At first blush, it can be rather disconcerting to seem some puffing away on a cigarette only to realize that it is unlit and not emitting any actual smoke or odor. If you haven’t researched the product closely, you may be wondering how they work and what sort of initial investment they require.

A starter kit for an electronic cigarette is less than $80 and comes with everything that you need to begin. The unit takes rechargeable batteries and uses disposable cartridges to supply the nicotine and flavor. Each cartridge is the equivalent of more than a pack of cigarettes, and replacements are quite reasonably priced.

what you need to know about the electric njoy cigarette.

posted by Clean-Smoker
April 12, 2010

             What you need to know about why you should buy the electric cigarette. That the traditional cigarettes contain thousands of toxins, that are very harmful to your health. But with the njoy electric cigarette doesn’t contain all those toxins, Njoy does contain the nicotins that we crave, but is safe to smoke, because it contains no tar or any of the toxins, and is safe to smoke.

                          Another reason why you should buy the njoy electric cigarette is because , you can smoke it anywhere that smoking is ban. That means you don’t have to go out side to smoke, you just smoke where your at, because it is legal and better for you.

When using the electric cigarette the njoy.

posted by Clean-Smoker
April 9, 2010

 When you use your electric cigarette called the njoy, the njoy cigarette is very popular in some area. If you have a loved one in the hospital, and get tired of constanly having to go outside for a smoke. Well with this njoy cigarette you don’t have to step out, you can smoke right in the room, without worries are missing the doctor you can stay in the room.

            So why not try one, i know with mine i have cut down from regular cigarette. What do you have to lose. You can enjoy with your njoy electric cigarette.

Effective Alternatives to Smoking

posted by Clean-Smoker
April 7, 2010

If you’re a smoker with a family, one of the biggest concerns you probably have is second hand smoke. After all, many smokers know what kind of physical risks they are taking by smoking, but they don’t want to pass on those risks to young children or other members of the family. If that’s the case, consider looking into smoking alternatives.

There are several different methods you can employ to help kick your habit. Patches and gum are good options for those looking to eliminate smoking completely, but some people have an oral fixation that only smoking can help satiate. For these people, there are now electronic cigarettes that supply nicotine without any of the harmful smoke or carcinogens.

Being able to smoke with the njoy cigarette.

posted by Clean-Smoker
April 1, 2010

                      Being able to smoke with the njoy cigarette. Can you think about being stuck in an airport for hours, you now have a choice, you suffer and do without a smoke. Or you can enjoy your self with the njoy cigarette. This is also call the electric cigarette, all you need to do is charge the battery and change filter when need be, and your good to go. It comes with all that and a extra battery.

                         The njoy may look real but its not, it even light up at the end when you puff. And the smoke that comes out is only a water base mist. And it is also 100% legal, now is that cool or what. There is no smoky smell, or stinky breath, you also breathe better because there is no tar or carbon monoxide. It does contain nicotin so you get your nicotin without the harmful toxins.